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SHERIDAN — Start small. Start young. Contribute often, and play the long game.

These are just some of the tips toward building a profitable investment portfolio that members of the Cloud Peak Investment Club would share upon celebrating the club’s 20th year.

“The purpose of the club is to educate club members in the fundamental principles and techniques of sound investment practices,” member Don Steadman said. “The members all have their own individual investment accounts that have nothing to do with the club, but being a member of the club exposes you to the others’ approaches to investing, and to individual stocks.”

The Cloud Peak Investment Club was founded in October 2001 and is likely one of the oldest of its kind in the area. It is an affiliate club with Better Investing, a national nonprofit with the goal of educating individual investors and clubs to become successful lifelong investors.

“Having kept your club active for 20 years shows how much you appreciate the goal of lifetime investing and learning,” John Rogers with the Rocky Mountain Chapter of NAIC-Better Investing said to the club in a letter congratulating members on the anniversary.

“We at the chapter level well appreciate the persistence, determination, fun and friendship involved in keeping a club investing and building wealth for 20 years. We wish you continuing prosperity and camaraderie in your coming years of stock study and investing,” the letter reads.

Member Wendy Smith is a lifelong learner, and the club affords her the opportunity to explore topics that have always been a mystery.

“I have learned about P/Es, exchange traded funds, 52-week ranges, and I enjoy every minute,” Smith said. “I really knew very little when I first started, but the environment is positive, and we all learn together. I feel very fortunate to be a part of this group.”

According to Steadman, none of the original 10 original members are active in the community now, and many are deceased. The club currently has 13 members from various backgrounds.

“We have one high school student; we have a former pharmacist; we have two engineers; we have a master electrician; we have a rancher; we have a college administrator; we have two former school teachers and one banker,” Steadman said. “We are very diverse. That contributes to the whole concept of knowing the business of investing, and how different people approach it.”

While Cloud Peak Investing is only open to 15 members, current President Jackie Allen said the club is open to mentoring others about starting their own Better Investing club.

“We would be willing for someone to come observe our club, to …….



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