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Key facts:

The Outer Ring metaverse includes in addition to games, a market, shops, P2P sales, and advertising.

The Outer Ring’s freemium model does not require players to make an initial investment.

Outer Ring, one of the up-and-coming blockchain money making games, is proud to announce several key partnerships and collaborations. The project attracts a lot of attention from prominent companies and venture capital funds, indicating that the team’s approach is more than valid.

Worldwide interest in the Outer Ring project is increasing exponentially. Building an open world MMORPG in a sci-fi and fantasy environment is a significant undertaking. Players will recognize game elements from Ultimate Online and Meridian 59 and find innovative concepts that are made possible by blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens.

Outer Ring Ecosystem

Massively multiplayer online games can attract players from all walks of life. However, they should continue to attract your attention through continuous updates, new things to do, etc. Outer Ring is aimed at casual gamers and hardcore enthusiasts ready to dive right into the real economy and the tokenomic model.

Whether you enjoy interacting with community members, building your claim, visiting a concert or museum, competing on stage, or learning more about the tokenized circular economy, the opportunities are endless.

Furthermore, the Outer Ring ecosystem is more than the sum of its gameplay aspects. It also has an integrated marketplace, in-game stores, decentralized exchange opportunities between zones and planets, player-to-player sales, an auction house, in-game advertising space, and merchandise. These skins are part of the Outer Ring’s freemium model, which does not require players to make an initial investment before starting play.

Partner Network continues to grow

The Outer Ring has secured numerous crucial partnerships and collaborations since the team first announced the project. The team raised nearly $ 6 million in investments from partners such as DEXTools, Blockchain Territory, Leit Motiv, Play The Game Agency, Yellow Blocks, Sierra Blockchain, Avstar Capital, Metabrands, Dextforce, Dreamboat Capital, and others. Even more impressive, the list of partners and investors continues to grow month after month.

Many companies and venture capitalists see merit in having their name mentioned in the metaverse. Outer Ring provides a compelling and comprehensive meta-reverse perspective where public displays and advertising opportunities are seamlessly integrated with games, exhibitions, concerts, events, and much more.

In addition, it is a space where gamers and content creators can come together and generate new experiences every day, further blurring the line between the real and virtual world.

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