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December 17, 2021 by No Comments

Photo by Derek Redd
The Centre Market building that houses Moonlight Intimate Apparel will take advantage of thousands of dollars in matching funds from the City of Wheeling’s Facade Improvement Grant Program.


The city of Wheeling’s total investment into its popular Facade Improvement Grant Program since its inception is approaching a half-million dollars, and the results can be seen all over town, with upgrades showcasing a new curbside appeal at scores of properties.

The public-private partnership forged through the Facade Improvement Program has used municipal dollars as an incentive to assist property owners and to spark private investments that continue to bring millions of dollars in enhancements to the city.

Earlier this year, city leaders took action to expand the program beyond downtown Wheeling and the Central Business District. Depending on each private project’s overall cost, the program provides matching funds from the city of up to $15,000 for upgrades to an eligible building’s facade, in addition to some other qualifying improvements.

With the grant program expanded to other neighborhoods in town, the city now awards grant applications on a quarterly basis. This month, Wheeling City Council approved the last round of grant awards of the calendar year to 10 different property owners. All 10 resolutions were approved by city council members last week authorizing grants for those applications, which represent qualifying residences and businesses throughout the city.

Wheeling Mayor Glenn Elliott noted that the city’s investment toward the 10 most recent Facade Improvement Grant awards totaled around $83,950 alone.

“Those are connected to roughly $247,000 in private spending,” Elliott said. “Of course, many of these projects are on properties that are very, very visible in high-traffic areas. I think that was the intent — to really clean up parts of the city so the city looks and reflects much better.”

Nancy Prager, director of Economic and Community Development for the city of Wheeling, noted that her department continues to receive applications for participation in the program on a regular basis.

“To date, you all have awarded just about $448,442 in facade grants,” Prager told city council members.

During last week’s city council meeting, Prager was asked to provide a brief overview of each of the new project proposals submitted from the applicants. The latest round of facade improvement projects included:

– 9-14th St. (National Equipment building), exterior repairs and painting, $10,610 grant for a project totaling $30,550.

– 2232 Market Street (Centre Market building that houses Moonlight Intimate Apparel), painting, cleaning and windows, $12,913 grant for a project totaling $42,067.

– 1165 Market Street (Undo’s Catering and Uniglobe Travel …….



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