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December 16, 2021 by No Comments

Trading has long moved off the stock exchange floors and into the hands of investors. Now, investors simply swipe or click for their investments.

And, Covid-19 has only accelerated the need for even more advanced investing tools. As a result, we’ve seen more ‘institutional’ investment capabilities move into the homes of retail investors worldwide.

One remarkable success in this new era of investing is – founded by Dr. Anna Becker and Dmitry Gooshchin. They have taken market-proven artificial intelligence and machine learning, previously trapped in exclusive hedge-funds, and have made them available to millions of investors worldwide.

While cryptocurrency has certainly stolen the spotlight in the financial markets in recent years, its volatility has been more than challenging for many investors. The wild swings have haunted both those entering the market, and those who already hold positions in Crypto assets. That’s where Becker’s and Gooshchin’s technology comes to bare: EndoTech leverages algorithmic trading to make investments on behalf of users – reading market trends, capitalizing on that volatility and algorithmically executing trades on customers’ behalf. EndoTech’s technology filters through the hype-cycles to discern what type of trades and investments to execute with parameters set by the system.

While Crypto investing is generally considered high-risk because of its volatility, EndoTech harnesses exactly that market characteristic to deliver out-sized profit. They offer high-risk, high-reward investment opportunities with high-probability – delivering upside for a longer financial horizon. Largely focused on servicing retail clients in order to help them scale, the algorithm solutions company is prime for retail companies and corporations seeking longer-term high-potential returns.

Dr. Anna Becker, CEO of Endotech

“In the last few years, retail investing has been revolutionized because of developing technologies that can better analyze and act on market opportunities,” EndoTech CEO and Co-Founder Dr. Becker says. “EndoTech empowers investors to think differently – now they have the opportunity to change their financial future by properly utilizing our high-risk, high-return, high-probability model.”

In the last year alone, EndoTech saw exponential growth, bringing on more than 160 thousand new accounts to its algorithmic solution. Each account enjoys algorithmic trading strategies that take advantage of Crypto’s high volatility. And, thanks to the automated-execution, customer accounts enjoy the ability to capitalize on the proven technical trading strategies in these high-potential markets – without the stress or heavy time investment of traditional ‘buy and hold’ emotional investing.

When a company or client signs up with EndoTech, they select from algorithms with different risk profiles and asset classes. They connect their own account from Binance, Gemini, Coinbase Pro, or Bitfinex (among others) maintaining full …….



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