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  • New Years is around the corner; make financial goals for yourself, and achieve them.
  • Make room in your budget for investing.
  • Diversify your investments, and hang onto them for the long haul.

New Year’s Day is almost here, and there’s no better time to start thinking about what you want out of 2022. Keeping your future in focus even (or perhaps especially) during the holidays can help you affirm what’s important and what you want for your future. 

But instead of setting a bunch of New Year’s resolutions that you may or may not keep, set yourself up for success in 2022 with these smart investing moves. 

1. Set realistic financial goals.

We know, we know. Goal setting frequently tops these lists – but the new year is the perfect time to consider your life goals. By determining what you want in life, you can set milestones to strive for, be they saving, investing, getting married, or your 10-year financial plan. Then, when you meet your goals, you can cross your milestone off your list and work toward the next one. 

2. Make room for investing in your budget.

Alongside setting goals, the new year is the perfect opportunity to reevaluate your budget and make some necessary changes. Whether you’ve gotten a raise, taken a pay cut, or want to trim the fat, reviewing your cash flow at least once a year can help you keep on top of your finances. But if you haven’t made room for investing before, it’s time to make this crucial change. 

Of course, you don’t have to plunge into the markets full-speed ahead – starting with your retirement account is just fine. As you get a feel for the stock market and pick up on the lingo, you can branch out into taxable accounts and alternative investments. 

3. Open a retirement fund (and max out those contributions!) 

If you didn’t already know that your work-sponsored retirement plan, such as 401(k)s, count as investing, now you do! And now you have no excuse not to invest in your retirement and financial future – especially if your employer offers matching contributions. 

Every penny you save now is a penny that has a chance to experience compound growth in the years before retirement. And best of all, your growth is tax-advantaged, which …….



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