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December 18, 2021 by No Comments

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Take that, meme stocks!

It’s difficult for a stock picker to beat the market over the long run. Read More

Stock buybacks rose to a record this year — or did they? The true story is different than you might think

Investors need to focus on net, not gross, buybacks. Read More

Inflation-adjusted Treasury yields are lower than they’ve been in 70 years. Here’s why that isn’t a bigger negative for stocks

Expected return is positive even when real rates are as low as they are now. Read More

The last time the S&P 500’s earnings yield lagged inflation this much, Harry Truman was president.

Is the real earnings yield of the S&P 500 a reliable stock market predictor? Read More

Stocks’ reaction to latest inflation and jobs reports suggests that investors’ fears are overblown

U.S. inflation surprises of 2022 and 2023 are more likely to be to the downside than the upside. Read More

The S&P 500 in a world of its own — one more bullish than the average stock

Watch for confirmation of these stock-market buy signals. Read More

Here’s the best way to spot stock-market winners, according to this 25-year tech analyst

Mark Mahaney says look for high-quality companies whose stock price has fallen 20% or more. Read More

4 reasons why income investors should favor stocks with nice dividend yields over bonds as the Fed tightens

Bond prices are likely to fall but economic growth should remain sturdy. Read More

Ray Dalio warns Fed’s hands are tied and higher U.S. inflation is sticking around. Democracy, maybe not.

Founder of the world’s largest hedge fund tells investors to avoid holding cash and keep an ‘all-weather’ portfolio — just in case. Read More

Some ETFs mix investing with charities — should you?

These impact funds aim to make ESG investing more personal through a link to a charity such as the American Heart Association, the Susan G. Komen foundation or the NAACP. Read More

Planning to donate crypto in 2021? Here’s some money-saving tax tips to know

Weigh your options to avoid less-favorable tax treatment. Read More

Women and minority directors on company boards add value, but not for the reasons you think




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